Fundamental Microblading Training Course includes home pre-study, 1 of theory and practice in class and 1 day of practice on latex skin and live models. Our permanent makeup training course, including home pre-study.

We offer the most Comprehensive & Intensive Training

The difference in our training is that we teach 2 techniques at the same time including microblading (hair stroke eyebrows) Shading (powdered technique) machine technique.

You also can add on your training a 3th day with Ombre technique.

There are over a few million microbladers in America,

With the oversaturation of the market understanding how to use a machine will give you a huge advantage.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that an expensive brand name is the only way to go, we use affordable products from U.S that you can easily buy online.


Maybe 30% of the clients can actually have good results with microblading because of their skin type.

By understanding and using a machine properly you will be able to offer all your clients the best results.


What the Fundamental Microblading Training Course covers:

History and background of the Japanese microblading method
Colour and pigment theory with @Permablend pigments from U.S
Structure and composition of the skin
Symmetry measurement methods and important rules
Sanitation and sterilization, hygiene
Equipment sterilisation
Disinfectants and antiseptics
Prevention of cross contamination and infections
Proper handling of hand tools
Client consultation
Client profile, analyse and ascertain clients’ desires, expectations
Medical condition
Understanding the importance of patch test before microblading
Working on artificial skin, learning about the depth of pigment injection
Procedure experience
Observe procedure (demonstration)
Hands-on work using models
Determination of colour, shape and depth of pigment injection
Effective numbing
Effective stretching techniques
After care (Forms and instructions)
The Fundamental Microblading Training Course costs $1.500 and includes a microblading kit with tools and pigments. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance followed by a full certificate once the assignments are completed. Plus four months of support after the training.



  • 5 @Permablend_pigments
  • 1 Stainless Steel Microblading Manual Tattoo Pen- Autoclave Tool and 100 disposable needles
  • 20 Disposable Hand tools
  • 1 Pencil for drawing shape, 1 scissor.
  • 100 Disposable pigment rings
  • Calipers for measuring and disposable micro applicators.
  • 5 Latex Practice

Microblading training courses include assignment, which are:

• 100 pairs of eyebrows on practice skin with symmetrical shape and correct hair strokes pattern

After this course you will be required to send clear pictures of each assignment so that we can analyse your work. Please note, if your completed work doesn’t meet the requirements, we will ask you to repeat the assignments.

Once your assignments have been successfully completed, we will issue you with your certificate, which will enable you to get insurance and perform treatments on clients.



You are required to bring one model for beginners.

You must be registered with the County Health Department in order to work on live models during your training. This is MANDATORY. If you do not live in Miami, you must be registered with the Health Department in the county you live in.

All students attending our training days are required to complete the tattoo and beauty therapy infection control course. This can be completed online:

Bilogix Solutions LLC. Available online 24/7
Course Fee: $55
Duration: 3 hours
Instant access after course sign up. Florida Mandated. Student verification system used. Online independent study course. Requires a computer and internet access.
Email: or

Completed Application for Florida Tattoo Artist License:

Click to access Application{9b7400fd2a5bb79f65ea7292c5682b18a09e181534511216648759e9b3790f46}20for{9b7400fd2a5bb79f65ea7292c5682b18a09e181534511216648759e9b3790f46}20Tattoo{9b7400fd2a5bb79f65ea7292c5682b18a09e181534511216648759e9b3790f46}20Artist{9b7400fd2a5bb79f65ea7292c5682b18a09e181534511216648759e9b3790f46}20License.pdf

Where microblading training manuals are sent you have to read and 100{9b7400fd2a5bb79f65ea7292c5682b18a09e181534511216648759e9b3790f46} complete practical drawing exercises.

We wish you the best and if you have any questions or concerns please email us at


Terms of payment:

A $400 non-refundable deposit is all that’s required to secure your place on the course and release your pre-study manual. The balance of the full course fee should be paid no less than 7 days prior to the commencement date. We operate a no refunds, no cancellations and non-transferable to another person or date policy.


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